System 1 Thinking

Shopper Heuristics

Heuristics and Shopper Behavior

In order to understand shopper behavior, it’s important to understand the decision-making process and reach consumers at the moment that most influence their decisions. One of the key concepts to understand concerning the psychology of shopping is heuristics. A heuristic is a mental shortcut that helps us make decisions and problem solve quickly. They allow …

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The Power of Pack Visuals

The Power of Packaging Visuals

The main focus of marketers tends to be verbal brand communication. Clever tag lines, producing advertising for print and digital media. Web sites and social media constantly demand new and relevant content. The messaging on packaging is also important. But if we stop and think about it, what’s really most memorable to consumers? People are …

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The Emotional Shopper

The Emotional Shopper

As human beings, our ability to put our emotions into words isn’t very good. After all, we’ve been experiencing emotions 100 times longer (500 million years) than we have been able to talk (65,000 years). Consider that humans have about 3,000 facial expressions that they use to convey their emotions but we have less than …

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Why do Shoppers Crave Variety?

Why do Shoppers Crave Variety?

Understanding why shoppers seek variety, reveals key behavioral insights that can be leveraged in-store. To drive in-store trial of new products, it helps to understand what influences a discovery mindset for shoppers. We have found that there are 3 main influences on why shoppers seek out variety. These include: Pleasure – we derive greater pleasure …

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