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The Explorer Difference

Online Qualitative research is increasingly replacing face-to-face research in today’s market. While online Qualitative is safer for these times, it has limitations when used for shopper research, as respondents often lack contextual queues relative to the shopping experience. As a result, study outputs are more attitudinal versus behavioral. That’s where Explorer’s Virtual Online Immersive research can help. Using 3D environments where we immerse a moderator to conduct the research, we create the proper context to drive the identification of behavioral insights safely and efficiently. 

Key Features

Our Virtual Immersive Research platform has a number of key features:

3D environment3D Environments
Flexible range of 3D environments (Lab/VR/Instore) are available to meet your research needs.
Visual Zoom Features
Improves respondent viewing of stimuli in 3D environments.
Immersed Moderator
Effectively “guides” discussions in the 3D environment to develop behavioral insights.
Rapid Stimuli Evaluation
Testing of multiple types of stimuli can be done rapidly & easily to deliver subconscious behavioral insights.

Key Benefits

Behaviorally FocusedBehaviorally Focused
Our Immersive approach combined with our behavioral testing tools effectively identifies shopper behavior using an online testing platform.
Uncovers Subconscious DriversUncover Subconcious Drivers
Rapid stimuli testing can uncover in-the-moment subconscious insights.
It's SafeIt’s Safe
It’s one of the best ways to get in store insights safely in today’s environment.
Cost EffectiveCost-Effective
Prototype design costs can be dramatically reduced using VR design and testing capabilities.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Explorer’s Immersive Qualitative Research Platform.

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