Our online e-commerce and UX platform features eye tracking. All testing is conducted in-situation where test alternatives are embedded in actual e-commerce sites.

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E-commerce Questions Answered:

  • How easy or difficult is it to buy your product?
  • Will your product standout?
  • Will your ad be seen?

UX Testing Questions Answered:

  • Completion rate: How many users are able to complete the task?
  • Navigation: Where do they click? Where do you lose them?
  • Attention: Which elements attract attention?
  • Think aloud/questionnaire: How do they evaluate the website?

Key Outputs


For our FMG clients we can measure and provide insight into how packaging imagery performs within the context of different e-commerce environments.

We measure:

  • Optimal e-commerce packaging execution
  • Ad effectiveness
  • Promotion effectiveness
  • Ad and promo page recall
  • Evaluation of ad, promo page: inspirational, attractive and in line with the brand

UX Testing

With digital channels it’s important to test and discover usability issues to increase conversion by using eye-tracking, click tracking and “think aloud” questionnaires.

We measure:

  • Benchmarking
  • Completion rate and time
  • Navigation patterns and loss rates
  • Viewing patterns: which areas are seen (in first 3 seconds)?
  • Message and content recall
  • Emotions when viewing the website
  • Ideas to improve

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