Our E-commerce and usability approaches uncover the "why" behind the behavior. We don't rely on clicks alone, but instead uncover behavior-based insights that will lead to optimization.

The Explorer Difference

Our on-line E-commerce and UX platform features both eye tracking and facial coding to measure implicit reactions. All testing is conducted in-situation where test alternatives are embedded in actual e-commerce sites (including Amazon) and all behaviors are tracked to measure and improve performance.

Explorer’s proprietary new service, “Virtual Intercepts” allows us to conduct live interviews with your shoppers when they are on your site. You can get in the moment feedback on any behavior such as abandoned carts or promotional offer interaction. No pre-recruits, just your customers and their in the moment feedback.

woman shopping online

E-commerce Questions Answered:

  • How easy or difficult is it to buy your product?
  • Will your product standout?
  • Will your ad be seen?

UX Testing Questions Answered:

  • Completion rate: How many users are able to complete the task?
  • Navigation: Where do they click? Where do you lose them?
  • Attention: Which elements attract attention?
  • Think aloud/questionnaire: How do they evaluate the website?

Key Outputs


For our FMG clients we can measure and provide insight into how packaging imagery performs within the context of different e-commerce environments.

We measure:

  • Optimal e-commerce packaging execution
  • Ad effectiveness
  • Promotion effectiveness
  • Ad and promo page recall
  • Evaluation of ad, promo page: inspirational, attractive and in line with the brand

UX Testing

With digital channels it’s important to test and discover usability issues to increase conversion by using eye-tracking, click tracking and “think aloud” questionnaires.

We measure:

  • Benchmarking
  • Completion rate and time
  • Navigation patterns and loss rates
  • Viewing patterns: which areas are seen (in first 3 seconds)?
  • Message and content recall
  • Emotions when viewing the website
  • Ideas to improve

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