Explorer focuses on observing and measuring nonconscious drivers of shopping behavior through studies that take place online or in-store at our Shopper Lab test stores.

virtual reality display of a grocery shelf

Planograms and Assortment

Our proprietary planogram testing approaches help identify the optimal planogram grounded in shopper behavior and compared against our database of planogram performance. Online immersive and in-person methodologies using eye tracking and behavioral purchase data help determine winning POG options.

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Signage & Point-of-Sale Marketing

Signage & Point-of-Sale Marketing (POSM) via eye tracking to determine what is being noticed in store, we test signage, promotions and POSM. Tests are conducted in-situation either online in a Virtual Reality store, our shopper labs, or in the actual store environment.

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woman wearing eye tracking glasses looking at dog food packaging on a shelf
virtual reality men's grooming store

Retail Design & Store of the Future

Our online research platforms are the perfect solution for measuring behavioral changes with section and store redesign initiatives. We can create multiple scenarios in virtual reality and all of our virtual environments include eye tracking and other behavioral measurements. When the need exists for a physical buildout, Explorer can also create different design concepts in our shopper labs or test in the actual store environment.

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