Case Studies

advertising and media case study

Advertising & Media

The Challenge: A leading media company wanted to understand how consumers view advertising across different platforms.   What we did: We conducted Central location Biometric interviews at our lab where respondents viewed different content and advertising across different platforms (television, tablet, mobile and laptops). Ten different ad campaigns were tested across different industries. After viewing, respondents were…

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aisle reinvention

Shopper Research Case Study

The Challenge: A leading retailer wanted to perform an aisle reinvention at their store and capitalize on impulse sales through better layout, adjacencies, signage and merchandising.   What we did: In-store interviews along with eye tracking and implicit testing were conducted to understand how shoppers were currently shopping the aisle and to identify what was…

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Menu Board Case Study

The Challenge: A leading quick service restaurant wanted to optimize their menu boards and drive sales and impulse items.   What we did: We conducted a central location test with eye tracking. The order area and menu board was projected in our 4K lab. After viewing the menu board and placing their order, an in-depth interview was…

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