Innovation Development

Path to Purchase

Drive growth by understanding how you can influence consumer decisions and increase sales.

The shopper journey today is not linear but instead your shopper is interacting with multiple touchpoints.
That's where DecisionPath™ comes into play.

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Traditional Path to Purchase studies focus on the mapping of the customer journey and the importance of different touchpoints. But traditional approaches are missing the action plan going forward. Using our behavioral expertise we create the appropriate interventions to change decisions and change sales along the Path to Purchase. Benchmarking versus your competition ensures you will win in the market.

A customized combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies are used to provide actionable recommendations.

Key Outputs

  • Jobs to be Done Identified
  • Predominant Pathways Taken – Digital and Bricks and Mortar
  • Touchpoints used along the P2P
  • Subconscious and emotional drivers identified along entire digital and physical P2P
  • Competitive Mapping
  • Touchpoint Optimization Recommendations

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