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Our online 3D VR approach mimics the actual store environment, and utilizes the latest technology to provide in-depth behavioral metrics. Respondent controls are intuitive, familiar, and natural. This online approach is powered by the same ReadySet platform as our fully immersive VR option, and is great for quick, cost-effective, and broad research needs.

Attitudinal MetricsThe platform can be used for both online and in-person headset-based testing. Explorer combines expert eye tracking with virtual reality technologies to monitor how consumers react to packaging, brands and the retail environment.  Whether you’re interested in packaging performance, shelf navigation, product standout, point-of-sale messaging or decision making at the point of sale, Explorer allows you to understand where a shopper’s attention is and to directly test the key influencers of decision making at every stage in the shopper’s journey.

Key Outputs

In-depth Behavioral Metrics:

  • Path tracking
  • Eye tracking
  • Mouse movement recordings
  • “Pick-ups” from the shelf
  • “Purchases” from the shelf
  • Find times

Attitudinal Metrics:

  • Purchase Intent
  • Likeability
  • Functional and emotional batteries
  • Ease of navigation
  • Open ends

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Agile Insights with 3D Online Virtual Reality

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ReadySet is the trusted technology partner of Explorer Research that specializes in virtual reality software for manufacturers and brands to innovate. They provide a broad range of VR platforms that allow clients to easily build, manage, and study retail innovations in virtual reality.