Packaging trends for 2019

Packaging Trends For 2019

Here are the packaging trends to be aware of in 2019. With the continued growth of e-commerce, protective packaging will continue to be important however this is quickly being outweighed by other considerations. As retail channels continue to become more diversified, packaging needs to keep pace. Technological advances in packaging have created more unique opportunities …

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New Data Reveals How Canadians Really Feel About Ads on YouTube vs. TV

How Viewers Really Feel About Ads on YouTube vs. TV

Creating a great ad is only half the battle. Equally important is delivering that ad to an audience ready to see and absorb your brand’s message. To test audience engagement, Explorer dug into Canadians’ connection and attention while watching TV and YouTube—and have three new insights for marketers. Read the Full Article

Why personal screens mean more engagement

Why personal screens mean more engagement

In the age of plentiful content and goldfish-like attention spans, what’s the stuff that really grabs eyeballs and keeps them there? How much does it have to do with the content and how much with the kind of device on which it’s consumed? Read the Full Article