Our Approach

Explorer Research is an award-winning provider of integrated research. We bring proven research methods, cutting-edge technologies and in-situation testing to solve real-world problems for our clients.

Our methodologies incorporate expertise in Cognitive, Behavioral and Neuro Science.

Our approach uncovers both the conscious and nonconscious sides of the mind. This approach allows us to understand what people do, feel, think and say. We use a customized tool kit approach to our research to ensure integrated cost-effective solutions.

This nimble, multidisciplinary approach capitalizes on the strengths of each of the traditional, behavioral, psychological, and neuro research methods that we use.

To ensure we are measuring real behavior we emphasize in-situation testing.

A brief introduction to Explorer Research

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These are some of the clients we have had the pleasure of working with.
Tim Hortons
Johnson & Johnson
canada bread
Constellation Brands
Molson Coors
Dollar General
Shoppers Drug Mart


marketing research for the consumer goods industry

Consumer Goods

As a CPG company, you need to ensure that your new communications, innovation, packaging and shopper initiatives drive incremental growth. At Explorer, we deliver the fascinating behavior based insights that will increase your in-market success. We also provide a range of shopper insight services that enable manufacturers to create collaborative, compelling stories for retailers.

marketing research for the retail industry


Being a retailer today is tough. There are more demanding shoppers, less customer loyalty, and multiple online options. At Explorer, we optimize both the store and online experience. We utilize Eye Tracking and Biometrics to track the shopper experience in your store and identify where there are areas for improvement.

marketing research for the food service industry

Food Service

Clientele today are demanding more. They want more variety, more healthy options and a unique experience. At Explorer we understand this and use our methodologies to reveal the impact of physical layout, signage, menu boards and ordering systems on the food service experience. We examine the entire service process, from entry to exit, for a complete picture of the customer’s journey.

marketing research for the consumer electronics industry

Consumer Electronics and Appliances

The one constant in Consumer Electronics is change. Being a leader today does not guarantee success tomorrow. That’s where Explorer usability and innovation testing helps deliver superior products. Using our suite of neuro approaches, we quickly identify the drivers of appeal and how to amplify them. The result is a competitive advantage and rave reviews for your products.

marketing research for the financial services industry


Understanding how customers “shop” your branches and interact with staff gives you the tools to make informed decisions in design, communication strategies and operational issues. This results in an improved customer experience and increases the opportunity to sell other products and services.

marketing research for the automotive industry


Determining how your customers react to your showroom and your online experience is critical to activating the sale. We understand the emotional drivers throughout the experience and what is making it positive or negative. We do this by tracking respondents through their entire buying experience, revealing at home triggers and other influencers of purchase.

marketing research for the media industry


Media is changing with the importance of mobile design, virtual reality, diverse communities, shifting revenue models and finding new formats for storytelling as technology shapes content. At Explorer, we start by examining how media is viewed differently on each device to help build better engagement for your content.

marketing research for the pharmaceutical and health care industry

Pharma & Healthcare

Capturing actionable insights within the strict regulatory guidelines of this industry is sometimes challenging. At Explorer, all of our solutions can be tailored to adhere with training, monitoring and reporting requirements, including adverse event training. We deliver insights that span the path to purchase and product lifecycle; from early-stage ideation, to assortment optimization, signage and display principles, to package testing, all using cutting edge technology to deliver results you can feel confident replicate in-market behaviour.
marketing research for the public sector

Public Sector

In today’s market, governments, non-governmental organisations and not-for-profits are challenged to deliver offerings that efficiently deliver value to the public. We leverage our behavioral and neuroscience toolkit to effectively maximize the impact and ROI of communications, ideate and optimize new or existing products and services, and tackle custom research endeavours. Our secure facility and infrastructure ensures we can meet any security requirements of a project.