Better Online Behavioral Research

At Explorer, we have always used immersive environment testing to measure shopper behavior. As more research shifts to online, it is important to be able to understand and predict future shopper behavior. Our difference is that we can calibrate any online behavior back to our behavioral database to accurately predict future behavior.  Our suite of online shopping research tools include:

  1. Virtual shelf environments is a proprietary virtual shelf environment that allows for effective testing of packaging, planogram, and shelf merchandising. The ability to interact with packages in our virtual shelf allows for realistic and reliable shopping experiences. All behaviors are tracked including purchases, shopping, find times, shop time and at-shelf viewing.
  1. Evaluating packaging within e-commerce environments. It’s even more important today for brands to understand the impact of their packaging in e-commerce. Using e-commerce sites (including Amazon) we can test how to optimize and improve your online packaging communication. Contact us for a free Online Packaging Principles report.
  1. Eye Tracking. Being leaders in eye tracking, our online eye tracking is valid and reliable. It identifies at shelf breakthrough of packaging signage and brand blocking. We can generate heat maps, gaze patterns, the percentage viewed and the dwell time on different elements viewed. We can also eye track individual packages to understand package communication. Our eye tracking team has over fifteen years of experience and has the ability to understand and interpret eye tracking results.
  1. Planogram and at-shelf communication optimization. Using proprietary approaches to planogram development we can help design and optimize shelf sets so you can be better positioned for growth post-pandemic.

With all of our online research tools, our expertise in shopper, packaging, e-commerce and UX help to provide experience-based recommendations for your team.

Anne Stephenson is a Partner at Explorer Research. Prior to Explorer, she led the Post cereal division at Kraft. Anne’s general management experience helps her understand how to translate insights into action to help grow your business. Anne has 25 years of experience in packaged goods, retail, foodservice and pharmaceutical.

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