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PackEXPRESS™ – Agile Insights When and How You Want Them

We all know that when it comes to market research one size does not fit all studies. For some initiatives such as pre-screening a large number of ideas, the main requirement is a fast read on what design territories should be explored further. For more breakthrough innovation or when you are closer to launch, a more in-depth nuanced exploration is required.

That’s where a customized approach to agility comes into play. For all of our research, we focus on providing speed and affordability but when you combine this with flexibility you can tailor the level of insights required for the stage you are at on your insights journey.

Agile insights should not just be about fast and cheap. That’s why we’ve combined our behavioral science expertise with technology to provide innovative agile solutions.

At Explorer, we have the broadest range of immersive testing environments and System 1 measurement tools of any research provider. Creating the context where choices are made as well as measuring the System 1 reactions is at the core of behavioral science.

So in response to our client’s needs to customize agile research, we are introducing PackEXPRESS™, an online tool that combines realistic environments to measure behavior, System 1 measurement and attitudinal measures. PackEXPRESS™ allows for early pack screening to facilitate testing a large number of designs. Once the number of designs is reduced, online shelf testing is the next level of automated and easily customizable testing options. Explorer’s PackEXPRESS™ allows you to customize the solution that is right for you in flexible pricing tiers so you can choose the solution that will deliver the business outcomes that you need.

A flexible modular approach provides customizable options to answer the specific business objectives for your brand. Based on decades of brand experience, we have carefully designed the attitudinal metrics which provide more context to the behavioral and System 1 results. All of this is captured in our clear and focused reporting.

Innovation in research should be focused on a behavioral framework and also allow for customization to provide insights when and how you want them.

Contact us for more information about PackEXPRESS™ and other immersive behavioral research.

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