Easter Shopping Behaviors Report 2021

As part of our holiday shopping studies, we looked at Easter holiday shopping and planning behavior to help our clients better prepare for the following year. 2021 revealed some interesting behaviors that we think can be leveraged for 2022. We are actively monitoring and understanding the changes in holiday shopping and the impact of Covid and how to better plan going forward.

Overall Behavior

Easter traditions were maintained by American families in 2021 compared to pre-Covid years. These traditions were kept close to immediate family members with fewer consumers gathering at events 24% vs pre-Covid 34% or hosted parties this year at 17% versus 26% pre-Covid. In keeping with a more intimate celebration with family, consumers stuck to their traditional favorites like potatoes, pies, and ham for meal plans. Pre-planning for Easter shopping was equally as prevalent as pre-Covid years – as early as February for some. While social media and family were a main source of inspiration for shoppers, in-store efforts also received a reasonable share of attention.

Online Shopping

Consumers purchased nearly half of their Easter shopping items online this year at 44%, a significant lift from pre-Covid years at 38%. Many retail channels saw an increase in online shopping this year, led by clothing, grocery, and drug stores seeing the biggest increases. During the Easter season we saw online activity that was not exclusive to price comparisons and purchases, an equal number of consumers also source inspiration for meals, décor, and gifting online.

Implications for Holiday 2022 Season

Consumers hold dear their Easter traditions so there is permission to keep things traditional. Consumers may be eager to return to their typical hosted events and get-togethers as 2021 had smaller gatherings overall. A winning strategy might be to speak to this desire in merchandising and messaging efforts. For next year think about beginning merchandising efforts early, perhaps even at the beginning of February. Also inspiration for consumers can come from more than in-store visits, there is an opportunity to curate an online experience that speaks to more than price-conscious shopping but also brings the Easter experience to life, with inspiration from recipe suggestions to basket creation ideas.

Download our full Easter holiday study and feel free to reach out to us with any questions about shopper, pack, product, or behavioral science.

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