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Shopper Insights on the Ponderings from the Perch Podcast

Striving to be best in class in a world where consumer preferences are constantly changing can be difficult. Today’s consumer often cares more about the sustainability of product packaging than how visually appealing it is. And these are not the only considerations consumers are making when reviewing brands and making shopping decisions. For brands looking to be “the best”, these issues highlight the importance of asking better questions. 

Shopper insights expert, Anne Stephenson, joined Priscilla McKinney on the Ponderings from the Perch Podcast for an insightful discussion about this ever-evolving concept of what it means to be “the best of the best”. Together, they take a deeper look into the crucial task of staying in tune with consumer behaviors and their shifting needs and wants. From sustainability to consumer experience expectations, one must pose the right questions to determine the “why” behind consumer behaviors. Anne provides her expertise and experience with a wide range of market research technologies needed to better understand these behavioral nuances and help companies take action to better serve customers, gain loyalty and drive revenue. 

While data is a part of understanding a customer’s micro journey, understanding macro trends in customer sentiment is also an important part of crafting a relevant brand, improving messaging, innovating in packaging and more  – all in the effort to deliver “the best”. Says Anne, “That’s where the ‘why’ is so important because you could just look at the sales data and perhaps come to a very different conclusion versus going in-depth and understanding that behavioral piece.” This can make all the difference in carving out a winning strategy. And when it comes to the future of market research, Anne highlights that she’s most excited to see the lines blurring in the world of direct-to-consumer retail. “Everyone’s looking to reinvent. It’s no longer business as usual. The lines are blurring,” says Anne. This pace of change in so many marketplaces in such a short time is exciting. Discover what this seasoned professional has to say about encouraging innovation and understanding what it takes for brands to stay relevant to customers. 



Ready for a bigger business impact as you strive to be the best of the best? 

Click here to listen to “The Best of the Best with Shopper Insights Expert Anne Stephenson” on the Ponderings from the Perch Podcast.





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