Virtual Reality Section Redesign

Section Redesign:

A retailer wanted to test different ways to merchandise a section in their stores, targeting a different buyer group. They wanted to use virtual reality to save the time and cost involved with building out multiple test designs.    

The Challenge:

How to make this section appealing to the new target via merchandising/ product assortment while increasing sales.


Research was conducted using Virtual Reality both qualitative and online. The first phase of research was in person VR immersive qualitative research where we exposed respondents to three different design concepts. Through qualitative discussions, a design roadmap was developed to move forward by understanding preferred design elements, colors, merchandising, adjacencies, and appeal of different elements.

The second phase of research was quantitative online virtual reality testing of the current section versus the proposed new section. Using quantitative metrics, we were able to measure the change in purchases, likelihood to purchase, and via eye tracking understand what was being noticed and what was engaging in the new environment. Other behavioral metrics were also captured such as time spent, and number of items shopped.

The new design resulted in increased purchases versus control and increased likelihood to visit the new section.

The Result:

This new section resulted in a +4% sales increase in test stores. Overall basket size increased demonstrating that the adjacencies and grouping of products together improved impulse buying.

Please reach out if you would like to discuss how to increase sales in your section in-store and create cost-effective virtual environments versus expensive buildouts. 

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