QR Codes Beyond Restaurant Menus

There’s no doubt the pandemic has accelerated the use of the QR (Quick Response) Code. We’re mostly familiar with them from restaurants where we’re forced to use them to access menus to help maintain hygiene. But as we’ll see, they can be used for a lot more. Traditionally QR codes were used to elevate the consumer experience by developing fun user experiences (Kinder chocolates used a QR code that launched an augmented reality portal into an adorable Africa that both adults and kids could enjoy.) But the real value lies in the information they can convey.

Packaging is still the first real point of contact for a consumer. So how can QR codes on packs be used to influence shopper choice and behavior? After all there’s not enough room on some packs to convey all the information that’s required. Today, shoppers want information about ingredients and their origins. Many products make health claims about sustainability and nutrition that need further explanation. Consumers may also want recipes or other information about how the product works. Many packs are too small to convey all this information but a QR code can lead a user to a web site page with everything neatly organized.

Following China’s lead, experimentation with QR codes is increasing in North America. The goal is not to just provide information but to eventually clear the path to contactless payment.

Here are 5 ways QR codes can be leveraged to grow your brand:

1. Fit more on a pack

QR codes can be used to share more information than a pack can currently accommodate. Shopper choice can be influenced using QR codes to provide information on brand purpose and history, sustainability goals, source of ingredients and much more.

2. Connect physical and digital worlds

Better data analytics and a more personalized customer experience (e.g. using a QR code to activate a 3D or AR marketing experience)

3. Meet the customer where they’re at

QR codes allow brands to engage with their customers at their leisure when they have time to see the benefit and the extra effort. This could be in the form of loyalty card signups, games, videos, or promotions.

4. Create social consciousness

Provide information in the form of brand perspective and support on important issues.

5. Get feedback

QR codes can be used to get quick ratings and reviews. Since 90% of consumers rely on online client reviews before making a purchase, QR codes are a great way to connect users with social media platforms where they can leave reviews.

Physical store aren’t going away anytime soon and QR codes are a great way to introduce a digital interaction to an otherwise offline space. Perhaps the best thing about QR codes is that they accomplish two things at the same time: they provide access to informative facts as well as fun and opportunities for creativity, both of which are essential for shopper engagement and brand building.

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