Online 3D Shelf Testing

COVID-19 has affected how we do shopper research in both the short and mid-term. However, we know that for shopper testing “context is king”. It is imperative to test packaging, signage, and planograms in a representative retail setting that presents the real-life choices a shopper is making.  

At the core of behavioral science, and all of Explorer methodologies is immersive testing. Because we have extensive life-sized behavioral metrics, we can calibrate any online behavior back to our norms to better predict future success. We find this is especially helpful for shelf and planogram studies. 

Our 3D online platform has unique features including:

  • High-resolution 3D products
  • “Google Maps” style navigation
  • Robust analytics & visual outputs
  • All store formats, customizable by banner

We can also measure in-depth behavioral metrics including:

  • Path tracking
  • Eye tracking
  • “Pickups” from the shelf
  • “Purchases” from the shelf
  • Find times
  • Mouse movement recordings

Key Questions Answered by Online 3D Shelf Studies

Using 3D online simulated shelf sets, we can effectively test packaging designs and measure both behavioral and attitudinal metrics to determine a winning design. Eye Tracking of both the shelf and the individual package helps us understand at shelf standout and delivery against communication objectives. Attitudinal metrics are measured post shop via a survey. Combining the behavioral and attitudinal metrics provides a strong measure of the future success of any packaging initiatives.

3D Online shelf sets are also an important tool for understanding the impact of merchandising. Different POS materials can be tested to measure viewing, placement, and conversion throughout the virtual store environment.

For shelf design and planogram research different blocking, assortment, facings, and adjacencies can be tested. Through the use of eye tracking we can effectively measure stopping and closing power of your brand and the competitive brands on shelf.

By analyzing both the behavioral and the attitudinal metrics we can help you understand how to predict and shape future shopper behavior.

Watch the webinar Agile Insights with Online 3D Virtual Reality.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our online 3D suite of testing tools.

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