New Cannabis Beverage Naming Research

Naming Optimization:

A global Cannabis company wanted to launch a new brand in the beverage category. With the rapid pace of innovation and new brands in Cannabis, they knew it was important to establish strong branding to retain and build a loyal customer base.

The Challenge:

Ensure that the name delivered the right brand attributes while delivering a strong emotional attachment and was also unique and ownable for this brand.


In order to understand both stated and unstated emotional reactions to different naming options, we used a couple of different approaches to the research.

An online survey was conducted to understand associations, recall, and perceptions of the different naming options. AI-assisted sentiment analysis identified different associations with each naming option.  

Implicit reactions were also measured to identify emotional responses to the different options and to optimize the winning naming option. 

The Result:

The research clearly identified which names had the strongest recall. The implicit testing identified the winning option that communicated the desired tone of the brand especially amongst current and aspirational cannabis beverage consumers. The client used the winning name in their successful beverage brand launch.

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