Immersive Online Qualitative Research Case Study

Immersive Online Qualitative Research Case Study

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation wanted to optimize their in-store communication. They historically tested communication in-store and were looking for a way to conduct immersive testing during store restrictions.

The Challenge:

They wanted to understand how to best execute in-store POS material to maximize standout, recall, and ultimately, conversion.


Conducted In-depth interviews using Explorer’s Immersive Qualitative Research Platform. Completed immersive video to film pathways throughout the retail environment including the lottery PayPoint at cash.

Within the different environments, we placed different “test” signage executions. The respondent could move throughout the environment and could zoom in on lottery tickets and the signage and merchandising.

The moderator was able to compare and contrast key elements of the signage including standout, communication, offer, likes and dislikes.

We also conducted eye tracking of the signage which helped inform layout and design principles for all signage.

The Result:

Key signage principles were developed including:

  • Signage should stand out with bold colors, especially contrasting colors to fixturing
  • Messaging needs to be simple
  • Shoppers will continue to purchase the top selling products so promoting smaller brands will not overshadow these top sellers

OLG is in the process of implementing the final recommendations, which will maintain base volume, and build on incremental volume.

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