Four Reasons to use Virtual Reality to Optimize your Front End

Four Reasons to use Virtual Reality to Optimize your Front End

The checkout area has changed drastically during the pandemic. Our research shows that 74% of shoppers want this area redesigned. While the majority of shoppers, 69% appreciate the safety changes that have been made at checkout, now is the time to start thinking about how we redesign as only 1/3 of shoppers say they will return to pre-COVID checkout behaviors. The fundamental changes we have seen in shopper perceptions regarding the front end are:

  1. A shift from ease of shopping 80% being most important at checkout to safety 82%.
  2. The experience is much less appealing with a 28% decline in the experience.
  3. Assortment is less important to shoppers with 61% thinking it is important versus pre pandemic levels at 74%.
  4. Increased focus on value– 43% of shoppers are trying to save money.

Most importantly shoppers are reporting a 48% drop in their weekly purchases from the checkout.

So, we know we need to rework this section of the store. But the question is how do we do this quickly and cost effectively? Virtual Reality offers that solution. With our 3D virtual reality platform in partnership with ReadySet you can quickly build and test different front-end scenarios to optimize your sales.

Her are four ways you can use Front End Builder VR optimize your front end.

  1. Custom Checkout Areas

Using the Front End Builder, you can build custom self check layouts with different fixture types. The ability to test and develop multiple scenarios allows you to understand how to influence shopper behavior.

custom checkout areas

  1. Establish Ideal Planograms

Using the ReadySet product library you can planogram both the self checkout and traditional sets. This is ideal to test assortment, innovation placement and blocking strategies and measure visual standout and impact to sales of different options.

establish ideal planograms

  1. Understand Front End Behaviors

Conducting VR Research using eye tracking measures what is standing out at shelf and what shoppers are engaging with as measured by refixations at shelf. As well, other shopper behaviors can be measured such as pathways, purchases and other shopper behaviors.

understand front end behaviors

  1. Save Money

Using virtual reality you can quickly and cost effectively test different front end scenarios, saving the cost and time for real front end product set-ups.

save money

So how will 3D Virtual reality help you win at checkout?

  • Get ideas to decision makers faster

Virtual Reality allows you to quickly build and test different checkout solutions so you can get results quickly.

  • Save money by not taking the time and cost for real front end product set-ups.

With 3D Virtual Reality you can create immersive environments that can be quickly tested without the cost of test stores, fixtures, inventory and merchandising.

Contact us to find out how you can optimize your front end.

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