Explorer Research Introduces VR with Eye Tracking

Explorer Research is excited to introduce Virtual Reality (VR) combined with eye tracking. With the help of our talented 3D content developers, we can put our respondents into virtual worlds to get better insights.

Since the majority of shoppers make their decisions in-store, it’s important that market research replicates the store setting as closely as possible. Explorer is the first to combine VR and eye tracking that can then be measured against our extensive normative database.

VR offers immersive yet flexible testing, iterative testing and rapid prototyping. The ability to rapidly prototype provides the benefit of speed to market. In addition to speed, the benefits of VR are numerous including being able to test in the context of a total store environment. Nudge type techniques can also be used to evaluate behavioral changes. Signage and in-store displays can be customized to test execution in different retailers. An added bonus with VR is that store of the future tests can be carried out without expensive buildouts in test centers.

Watch our introductory video below:

Shopper applications include any of the following:

  • Planogram testing
  • Package testing
  • Innovation testing
  • Section redesign
  • Display design
  • Store of the future
  • Signage testing

VR is not just for shopper research. It can also be used to test advertising or new products in situation. There are many applications of this new exciting technology. If you’d like to understand how you might take advantage of virtual reality in testing concepts for new products, services or environments please contact us.

Anne Stephenson
Partner, Explorer Research

anne stephenson

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