Chris Whitaker – Intellicast Podcast – Shopper Insights and Trends

Chris Whitaker, partner at Explorer Research joins the Intellicast Podcast to talk about some of the changes that have been going on within shopper insights due to the pandemic, as well as some shopper/consumer trends they are seeing. They also get into what trends may be temporary and what are more permanent changes in consumer behavior.

Brian and Chris then get into how Chris and his team had to pivot when COVID hit, and the actions they have taken since then.

This topic leads to a discussion on consumer behavior, and the changes Explorer has observed over the last couple of years. Chris then tells us about several trends they have observed, including the increase in online shopping for day-to-day goods, shopping trips becoming shorter (and less browsing/impulse buying), more “Click-and-Collect” (or curbside pick-up), and the rise of new payment options.

As Chris discusses some of the trends, it leads to a deep dive into how permanent these trends are, and if this is causing changes to what clients are looking for when they’re gathering insights. We also touch on environmental changes, and a couple of other topics as well.

Click here to listen to “Shopper Insights and Trends with Chris Whitaker” on the Intellicast Podcast.

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