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Our shopper lab in Chicago has the latest in shopper technology and the flexibility to test different environments, grocery, mass convenience as well as different product categories (CPG, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Banking). The Explorer lab can accommodate up to a 60 foot run of shelving making it a flexible space for testing different retail environments.

Our Chicago facility is equipped with dedicated virtual reality and eye tracking capabilities. This facility is specially equipped for client viewing of virtual reality with real time feeds of eye-tracking outputs.

This facility has the latest in technology with cameras and 360 shopper viewing for the ultimate client experience. High ceilings and retail lighting makes our shopper lab the closest lab environment to a retail store.

Touch screens are ideal for testing different planograms and packaging options. Different options can be quickly changed to accommodate early stage testing of multiple options.

We partner with many technology firms and have leading technology in our labs for demonstration. Including beacons, digital signage, shopper apps, smart grocery carts and much more.

Chicago Shopper lab has a focus group facility. The facility is also equipped with a team training room for ideation sessions or team training.

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shopper lab chicago

Shopper Lab Chicago

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