Executive Guide
to Shopper Insights

Executive Guide to Shopper Insights Research

Shopper insights are becoming increasingly important due to rapid changes in retail and the way in which people shop.

When you gather and use them in the right way, shopper insights can help everyone win – shoppers, retailers, and manufacturers.

This guide for executives will give you a solid overview of shopper insights research, covering these topics:


Definition: What Are Shopper Insights?

Shopper insights are a form of insight into the action and decision making of people considering or buying products or services. Shopper insight can be applied to improve equity, sales and profitability of a brand, category or store through shopper-centric changes to the retail environment and its messaging.

Like other types of insight, they can help to explain the motivations, unravel the meaning and decode the elements of shopper behavior. Importantly, insights can explain what is not happening as well as what is happening. Such insights can be a powerful aid when it comes to making smart decisions within your business.

How Do We Use Shopper Insights?

⦁ Shopper Insights are “different” than consumer insights
⦁ Understand “how” shoppers plan your product’s purchase
⦁ Know what shopping trips your products are typically purchased on
⦁ Understanding a typical shopper path can validate if your product location is optimal (Stopability)
⦁ Confirm how shoppers shop and the engagement level in your section (Shopability-patterns, etc.)
⦁ Validating the speed at which your product’s are purchased is an indicator of the how well your brand performs (Activation)

Many of these metrics can be used for both online and in-store shopper insights.
Chapter 1 will look at the difference between shopper insights and consumer insights.