Testing in-situation provides insights into how advertising is being viewed in a real-life environment, often where multiple devices are competing for our attention. We can measure real behavior to deliver insights to optimize advertising performance.

Advertising Testing

Creative is tested in our media labs where respondents view advertising in living room settings. We test content in-situation to understand performance ‘in real life’ rather than just forced-exposure in front of a computer screen. Ads are embedded naturally in programming to understand true attention and recall.

We uncover both emotional and attitudinal reactions to advertising via eye tracking, facial coding, GSR and EEG. Our behavior based approach helps optimize creative executions and measure real engagement. Testing can be conducted across multiple platforms: TV, tablet, laptop and mobile.

Print Ad Testing

Using our online testing approach combined with eye tracking we can test multiple executions to measure what will deliver the strongest recall, persuasion, attention and brand registration. Copy effectiveness can also be validated.

Ad Tracking

Using in the moment reactions to advertising campaigns, effectiveness can be measured and adjusted based on consumer reactions to different campaign elements.