Our shoplab shopper insights services help manufacturers and retailers optimize the shopper experience both in the retail environment and along the greater path-to-purchase.

Explorer’s shoplab approach combines trusted research techniques with the latest technology, including mobile research capabilities. This provides in-the-moment reactions to different in-market stimuli, delivering deeper shopper insights.

Explorer Shoplab


Our shoplab services help our clients deliver winning solutions for:

  • Optimizing the Customer Journey (via behavioral observation and opportunity identification)
  • Retail design (testing new store designs in Virtual Reality, 4K projection lab or in test locations)
  • Planograms (via eye-tracking and shopping exercises)
  • In-store Signage (via eye-tracking to determine what is being noticed in-store)
  • In-store Promotion (measure the impact of in-store promotions)
  • Merchandising and display solutions (optimizing design and placement of different merchandising solutions)

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