Virtual Reality Research


Virtual Reality research offers the benefit of immersive environments that are also flexible. With virtual reality different environments can be tested, resulting in the ability to rapidly prototype and test content in a dynamic environment.

Explorer is the first with the latest in eye tracking coupled with metrics. What this allows is for us to measure what is seen versus norms as well as what is engaging the shopper. Eye Tracking provides heat-maps, opacity maps, journey mapping and gaze-vector; all of which can be viewed for groups or individuals, on-screen or directly in the VR headset, fully immersing you in the data and generating insights from every point of view.

The benefits of Virtual Reality are extensive providing the context of the total store environment. Nudge type techniques can also be used to quickly evaluate behavioral changes. The environment can be customized to different banners and provides a fully immersive, interactive shopping experience. The ability to rapidly test provides the benefit of speed to market.

The business applications for VR include:

  • Planogram testing
  • Package testing
  • Innovation testing
  • Section redesign
  • Display design
  • Store of the future
  • Signage testing


Tobii Pro

Explorer exclusively uses Tobii Pro Eye Tracking and Virtual Reality equipment for their research studies. Click here to find out more about Tobii Pro.

virtual reality research