Here’s what some of our valued clients are saying about us.

“I have been working with Explorer Research for over 3 years. They are innovative, and cutting-edge research professionals who turn insights into a game plan to win in the marketplace. The Explorer team goes above and beyond in all that they do. Whether it’s their range of methodologies and ways of digging deep into the Shopper’s conscious and non-conscious decision-making or the smart, high-quality reports that bring the findings and solutions to life. I am impressed with Explorer again and again, and they win my business over and over. This company has had a major influence on how our organization strives to understand the actions, and responses of Shoppers. We have begun to blend traditional methods, such as qualitative and quantitative, with more advanced Neuroscience, Biometrics, and Facial Coding methods. We are seeing a change in the quality of our understanding of the Shopper, resulting in changes in our recommendations, and ultimately positive changes in our sales. Explorer Research is a true partner, and one I often recommend to other research professionals.”
Director, Shopper Insights U.S. & Canada
“The Explorer team has helped us on projects with significant business impact and resulted in real in market success. They have consistently delivered robust, actionable insights that have helped us make crucial business decisions. The team is professional, friendly, reliable, and delivers insights in a unique and creative way that catered to the stakeholder needs.”
Consumer Insight Manager
“In 30 years on the Client side of the business, I have worked with a multitude of Research Suppliers selected to fulfill the business and insight needs of the organization. At the core of the selection was ensuring the best techniques and industry talent were applied to the particular business need. Explorer Research was one of the partners I worked with on multiple studies. They consistently delivered on being at the forefront of new and leading research techniques, having a highly experienced Marketing and Business lens on every client issue and bringing a strong bias to leaning forward on actionable recommendations. It is for these reasons that I now have become involved with Explorer as a member of their Advisory Board and am very proud to be a part of supporting this talented team in helping them shape and achieve their future goals.”
Vice President, Insight and Communication
“My first experience with Explorer Research was fantastic. They were creative in the project set-up, proactively anticipated and dealt with potential issues during fielding, and delivered a clear report with a well thought out point of view. I look forward to working with them again in the future!”
Consumer Understanding and Insight Manager