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explorer shopper lab toronto

explorer shopper lab toronto

Shopper Lab Toronto

Explorer Toronto Shopper Lab was the first shopper lab in North America. We have continued with our leading edge thinking through creating the most high-tech labs in the research industry.

Explorer Shopper Lab Toronto consists of over 5,000 square feet (equivalent to approximately 600 linear feet of product display) that can be used to recreate real retail environments. Shoppers can walk through and interact with products just as they would on an actual shopping trip.

The lab uses cutting-edge technology to measure and observe every aspect of shopper activity in a simulated, fully trackable, confidential environment. Within this environment, observations, neuroscience testing, eye-tracking and interviews can all be conducted to gain a deeper understanding of shopper behavior.

Explorer Toronto Shopper lab has dedicated Virtual Reality capabilities. Explorer Virtual Reality is equipped with eye tracking to measure what is breaking through in the retail environment.

Explorer has staging capabilities and can create and customize the lab to different retail environments.

Explorer shopper lab is ideal for testing packaging, planogram, signage and store of the future initiatives. Also located in our Toronto facility is our test kitchen and usability labs which can accommodate path to purchase studies including online shopping, purchase and product usage.

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