Pandemic Influences
on New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are usually focused on fitness, finances, and weight loss born out of optimism and a can-do feeling as we usher in the New Year. As part of our holiday study, we asked about this year’s New Year’s resolutions. We found that 66% of all respondents were either making a New Year’s resolution or were still deciding on one.

A focus on eating healthier was a top resolution with 31% wanting to improve their diet and 20% wanting to lose weight. Interestingly, 10% resolved to become vegetarian (this compares to 5% of the adult population that is vegetarian) and 20% want to eat more vegetables.     

Fitness goals were also a top resolution with 25% wanting to exercise more. Finances also rose to the top with 25% wanting to save more money this year.

The pandemic has taught us the importance of friends and family and we saw 16% of respondents wanting to spend even more time with family in the upcoming year. Self-care was also important with 15% wanting to focus more on that in the upcoming year.  

This year presents a unique situation for sticking with goals, such as how do you resolve to get fit when gyms and fitness centers are closed, how do you improve your finances in an economy like this? It will be harder than usual for people to stick to their resolutions because there won’t be the sort of external commitment that helps keep people on track such as meeting a personal trainer or attending classes. Even when we’re not living in a pandemic most people who make resolutions throw in the towel.  

So how might this year be different? Having a goal to work toward may help people overcome the feeling that every day is the same and it might help people push through pandemic fatigue, something most people are feeling.

The sense of forward momentum is what many of us are missing in our lives now and New Year’s resolutions can help us feel some small wins. If you’d like more information on our holiday study, please reach out to us and we’d be happy to provide you with the full report. Happy New Year. 

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