The important factors in packaging research are:

  • Visibility– is your package seen and does it stand out at shelf?
  • Engagement– does your package result in shopper interest?
  • Purchase– do purchases increase?
  • Communication– does your package say what you want it to?

With online we do see differences versus life-sized shelves. 
Increased viewing of lower shelves and more center focused viewing.

So how do you use online packaging research to effectively predict future behavior?

computer screen showing eye tracking heat mapping output of a grocery shelf

The Explorer Difference

1. Vast Normative Database Comparisons

Any online pack study that Explorer conducts can compare key metrics to a vast normative database, containing thousands of pack testing cases.

This includes both our Pack Performance Index (PPI), as well as our Pack Findability Index (PFI).

Online Shelf Metric Calibration

In addition, all online behavioral metrics can be calibrated to real life shelf behavior.  To do this, we utilize our vast in-person behavioral database to calibrate/adjust online behavior as necessary.

This results in more reliable online behavioral metrics.

3. Eye Tracking (Shelf and Individual Pack)

The shelf is eye tracked to measure at-shelf standout of your package. Individual designs are also eye tracked.

Key Outputs

  • Purchases
  • Total shelf $
  • Visual attention of products on shelf
  • At-shelf breakthrough of target
    products (Stopping Power)
  • Conversion (Closing Power)
  • Find times for specific SKUs
  • Ease of finding specific SKUs
  • Validate packaging communication hierarchy
  • Recall
  • Messaging
  • Functional and emotional batteries
  • Key attribute comparison vs. key competitors

Key Features - How It Works

1. Shop a Shelf

Timed Findability

2. Timed Findability

3. Eye Tracking of Shelf

Eye Tracking of Shelf

4. Eye Tracking of Package

Eye Tracking of Package

5. Attitudinal Interview

Attitudinal Interview

6. Optional E-commerce Eye Tracking

Optional E-commerce Eye Tracking

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our “real behavior” online pack testing.