Marketing Research News

MRIA National Conference 2017

Date: Wednesday, May 31st 2017 to Friday, June 2nd 2017
City: Toronto, ON
Explorer Research is honored to be a sponsor at this year’s foremost market research industry conference focused on Research Integration and Unlocking the Future of Insights. Come visit us in booth #15. Don’t miss your opportunity to hear:
Behavioral Insights – Real Communications Impact – OLG’s Digital Signage Case Study
On June 2 (@1pm in Hall A), Mike Moussallem, Vice President with Explorer Research and Joanna Chan, Manager of Shopper Insights with OLG will discuss the process associated with effectively testing digital signage solutions, and will showcase the necessity of each element within that process. It will also leave the audience with an appreciation of why this type of research must be conducted in an “in-situation” environment, and why including eye tracking as part of the process is crucial in order to enhance visual fluency of the overall design. The audience will also gain a greater appreciation for the need to blend conscious and subconscious research techniques, whenever they are evaluating any communication including signage and packaging, and any creative element.
In addition, the audience will get an in-depth look at the challenges the OLG team was facing, the plan that was put in place, and the outcome of the research decisions that were made. This will provide greater context for any audience member that is in a similar situation, regardless of whether they are on the client or supplier side.
For conference details, or to register now, please visit the MRIA website.


Hershey Leverages Shopper Insights to Reinvent the Candy Aisle 

Hershey partnered with Explorer Research, a behavioral research firm, to better understand the shoppers’ thinking while in the candy category. Researchers observed 1,500 shoppers and tracked 25 key measures of their behavior. They conducted eye tracking studies and consumer intercepts to learn the attributes around engagement. read more . . .


Eight Secrets of How People Shop

When people are pushing their shopping carts through a grocery store, they are actually engaged in two activities: shopping and buying. Yes, the two are not exactly the same. After all, you have to shop before you can buy. And to understand what makes people buy, first you need to get a handle on how they walk a store. read more . . .


Why personal screens mean more engagement

In the age of plentiful content and goldfish-like attention spans, what’s the stuff that really grabs eyeballs and keeps them there? How much does it have to do with the content and how much with the kind of device on which it’s consumed? read more . . .


Explorer Research Opens a Test Kitchen 

Mississauga-based Explorer Research has created a new testing environment to help simulate a real kitchen in an effort to control research and lower costs for its clients. read more . . .


New Data Reveals How Canadians Really Feel About Ads on YouTube vs. TV

Creating a great ad is only half the battle. Equally important is delivering that ad to an audience ready to see and absorb your brand’s message. To test audience engagement, Explorer dug into Canadians’ connection and attention while watching TV and YouTube—and have three new insights for marketers. read more . . .


The Great Canadian Flyer – print flyers are one of grocery’s best sales tools. Here’s how to make them even better

Some people think the print flyer’s days are numbered. High production costs and the rise of the e-flyer will bury it, they say. We disagree. Canadian shoppers absolutely love newspaper flyers. They are not going to go away any time soon. read more . . .


Explorer Group launches high-tech shopper insight facility

Mississauga-based Explorer Shopping Solutions has recently launched its new Center for Shopper Insights (CSI), a 6,000-square-foot research, design and meeting facility to help understand shopper behavior and purchase dynamics in Canadian retail. read more . . .