Explorer State of the Art Facility

Our facilities allow us to conduct extensive marketing research to ensure that you get the most detailed feedback on improving your product or service for optimal outcome.

Explorer Shopper Labs

Created to closely replicate real store environments to conduct Shopper lab and Packaging lab testing. Flexible staging enables for customization to any retail environment (grocery, pharmacy, mass or convenience). Our Shopper Labs are fully equipped with cameras, virtual reality, eye tracking, EEG and facial coding capabilities to capture all shopper behavior and reactions.

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explorer retail shopper lab

explorer media testing room

Explorer Media Room

The Explorer Media Room is designed to simulate real home environments making it ideal for media and digital research. It is fully equipped with all our biometric capabilities such as eye tracking and EEG and also features adjacent client viewing. Our media room is the ideal environment to test advertising across different platforms and capture how consumers really view and engage with your advertising. The living room design is also used to conduct focus groups and innovation sessions.

Explorer Test Kitchen

A one-of-a-kind research space designed for product usage, packaging, sensory and innovation work. Respondents cook and move around the kitchen as if they were in their own home. Our test kitchen is more cost effective than a home use test and you can capture real versus reported behavior. The Explorer test kitchen is fully equipped with cameras to capture behavior as consumers are using your products. Eye tracking and EEG can also be used in our kitchen.

Residential stove with 4 burners
Residential refrigerator/freezer
Double kitchen sink
Space for blenders, toasters, waffle irons, etc.
Over 20 feet of cabinets
Over 20 feet of solid surface countertops
40-inch Sony TV monitor
Ceiling mounted cameras

explorer test kitchen


explorer digital usability testing



Explorer Usability

A step up from traditional usability labs as Explorer blends traditional usability tools with the latest in eye tracking and biometric testing to deliver superior insights.  Our digital usability facility is ideal for testing of websites, online shopping and mobile platforms. We can deliver both qualitative and quantitative studies in this environment.




Lifesize Virtual Testing

With the push of a button, we can immerse respondents in lifesize environments whether it is a store, restaurant or bank branch. Our life-size 4K projection technology provides the ultimate in flexibility to test reactions to different environments.

explorer Lifesize Virtual Testing

explorer design studio




Design Studio

The Explorer design studio is a key component of our research whether we are editing ethnographic video or bringing insights to life through our illustration capabilities. We have access to large size printing presses and in-house photography to build planograms or other research stimuli.




Explorer Restaurant

Flexible staging capabilities allow us to create restaurant environments to test menu boards or overall design and layout. We can also utilize our projection capabilities to immerse consumers in different restaurant or quick service environments.

explorer test menu for restaurants

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