Chapter 3:
How should you be thinking about the shopper?

There are important factors to be considered from a consumer as well as from a shopper perspective. All of these factors come together impact along the path to purchase to influence purchases and sales.

factors to be considered from a consumer as well as from a shopper perspective

One of the important areas to be thinking about from a shopper behavior insight perspective is the Shopper Decision Tree which is the thought process when buying a product. This might be influenced by product usage for some categories, but for other categories, it might be more of a price-based decision. With shopper decision tree’s it is important to look at both what shoppers say is important when they shop and also how they actually shop.

Another key aspect to look at from a shopper behavior perspective is ease of navigation – how easily shoppers can find your product. This can be either shopping a physical shelf or finding your product online. For both the physical and digital worlds, eye tracking can be an important tool to identify what shoppers are looking at and how they navigate a section. Through ensuring effective navigation you can make the shopping process easier.

Another key area to look at is Shopper Mode or mindset. By understanding the shopper mindset you can more effectively tailor solutions for your shopper. Whether the shopper is in more of a discovery mindset, exploring your category as may be the case for categories such as cosmetics, or if it is more of a grab and go type purchase such as milk. Understanding the predominant shopper mindset can help you tailor appropriate solutions that will drive sales.

alignment between shopper decision tree, navigation and shopper mode

In Chapter 4 we will explain the Path To Purchase concept and the drivers at each of the stages: Pre-Store, In-Store, In-Aisle and In-Section.