Chapter 5:
How to Present Product Package Design Research

Let your business goals and research objectives be your guide to presenting product package design research learnings.

Avoid the temptation to present every fact and piece of data you collect.

Everything you learn in product packaging research may not end up being as relevant to the objectives as first thought. Nor do the learnings carry equal weight in the decisions you need to make. Focus on those insights that will lead to relevant and actionable recommendations.

Headline each key insight and support it with visuals and learning.

This will bring your key insights to life and reinforce their importance. Big picture summaries which rapidly drill into actionable examples make this a great tool for internal buy-in.

Lesser-known techniques: application and purpose before findings.

For newer or less well known techniques, provide a brief review of the purpose and how the learning is applied before presenting the findings. This will help gain buy-in to the findings. Use live examples from previous work, if approved by your clients, to demonstrate the learning put to action. This will create confidence and credibility in the results.

Keep your audience in mind

Senior level executives will be interested in quickly getting to the insights and recommendation. Your Packaging Design Agency will be interested in the design details. Consider a shorter up-front Insight and Recommendations section followed by detailed learning.

Ideally, after presenting the insights and recommendations, you will have demonstrated the power of packaging in attracting shoppers, satisfying consumer needs and ultimately the important role packaging plays in creating a competitive advantage and increasing sales.

Keep in mind that, in the end, unless insights can be appropriately identified and captured and presented in a clear, credible way they will not be applied.

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