IIEX Austin 2022 Recap

IIEX Austin 2022 Recap

IIEX in Austin was everything you’d expect in an innovation focused Marketing Research conference. Right from the opening night WIRe event through to the last night pub crawl it was obvious that everyone in attendance was super happy to be back in person and in the warm Texas sunshine.

WIRe Event Cocktail Party

At the sold out WIRe event held at the Carpenter hotel we had a perfect evening for an outdoor cocktail event. Explorer Research was proud to sponsor this event and it was a great reunion for many in attendance and the signature cocktails were especially popular!

At the start of the conference as you entered the venue at the Palmer Center, the tech vibe was apparent. This venue, unlike any other conference, was in one room and attendees sported headphones to listen to different presentations. You could comfortably have a coffee away from the stage and still listen to the thought provoking presentations. In the celebration of innovation that IIEX is all about, there was a live podcast stage where I was fortunate to join Priscilla McKinney in a discussion about the next crisis…Inflation. Despite the heavy topic, we had a lot of fun in our discussion and provided some tips for how to navigate through these challenging times. There were also presentations targeted to ALL attendees including client side presentations about how to more effectively communicate insights within your organization, and different networking opportunities for insights professionals. On the supplier side, the Marketing Insights stage had many great presentations that provided tangible ideas to grow your business. A big shout out to IIEX for really thinking about the needs of everyone in attendance.

The Explorer team took away the following key themes from this year’s event.

IIEX Austin Recap - Tech

Tech, tech and more tech…What used to be revolutionary just a couple of years ago is now mainstream. AI is a part of most insights teams as well knowledge management platforms, virtual environments and agile mobile technologies.

IIEX Austin Recap - Metaverse

The metaverse and implications for insights professionals. As this new frontier continues to evolve there were presentations on NFT’s and awareness and adoption of new technology. One given is that the future of the internet will be more immersive so being aware of where the metaverse is going is important for every brand.

IIEX Austin Recap - Social Listening

Social listening has evolved and is now more actionable than ever. Combining social and conversational data with custom natural language processing and advanced analytics data is allowing brands to predict their brand value and immediately take action.

IIEX Austin Recap - Teams

Now more than ever, insights teams need to ensure they are driving impact with their insights. This can be everything from how they engage teams throughout the process to how insights are democratized across the organization.

Congrats to IIEX for hosting an innovative and engaging event. Looking forward to IIEX Behavior in the fall!

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