Highlights from IIeXBehaviorUS 2019 in Boston

IIeX Boston; an intimate and boutique-y behavioral market research conference where the best in the biz come to share their recent findings and accomplishments with the industry. What started as a hectic morning due to Toronto’s first snowfall, ended in a fantastic conference filled with engaging conversations and thought-provoking presentations lead by industry professionals. After our initial flight was cancelled, the Explorer Research team managed to get on a last-minute flight to Boston to catch the first session of the conference. Many familiar faces filled the room and as the coffee started to flow, so did the conversations. Explorer Research booth at IIeXNA The conference was being held in the State Room which provided us with some of the best views Boston has to offer. As each session continued throughout the day, the backdrop was a magnificent Boston skyline, as awe-inspiring as the speakers themselves. Boston skyline from The State Room Some of the highlights of the first day of the conference included speaking sessions by David Bailey from Formula 1, and Will Leach from TriggerPoint. David Bailey walked us through the creation and implementation of an insights department at F1 over the past few years. Leveraging consumer data, F1 has been able to be much more strategic in their efforts to increase consumer engagement through the content they’re creating; a docu-series giving viewers a lens into the life of an F1 driver (Formula 1: Drive To Survive), and F1 highlights made available on YouTube, to name a few. Will Leach explained how we can use behavioral science data to categorize our consumers into “mindstates.” Will suggested that all marketing efforts should layer mindstate marketing on top of their current efforts to help better uncover the true motivations behind consumer decisions. Will also used some familiar Game of Thrones references to explain his findings and success with this strategy, keeping the audience engaged and entertained. The second day of the conference started with a compelling talk about unleashing the power of 00:06 ads. Bryon Schafer  of Vevo and Artie Bulgrin of MediaScience talked about attention span in our modern world. They managed to keep us all interested and involved with their findings that a :06 ad delivers roughly 60% of the impact of a full :30; highlighting the potential associated with the new ad format when ads are fully seen. Then, our very own Anne Stephenson took the stage to deliver her session on “Better Behavior Predictions Through Better Behavior Testing”. Using real world examples from her own life, Anne talked about how in-situation life-size testing is crucial for gauging how consumers will actually behave in the marketplace. Showcasing Explorer’s behavioral research toolkit, Anne was met with curious faces and a flurry of inspiring questions following her session. See Anne’s presentation in SideShare. Anne Stephenson speaking at IIeXNA 2019 As the conference came to a close, it was hard not to notice the giant mural of Big “Besci” Wins that had been filled up with all the great moments of the conference. A big shoutout to GreenBook for throwing another amazing event; we thoroughly enjoyed attending and are excited to take our learnings from the conference and implement them into our daily work here at Explorer. Big BeSci Wins Mural at IIeXNA 2019 Regards, Carmine
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