Explorer will be at The Quirk’s Event in Chicago this April

Explorer Research is headed to The Quirk’s Event in Chicago April 6-7, 2020. Don’t miss the following presentation by Anne Stephenson, Partner at Explorer Research on Tuesday April 7th at 9:45 am in Room 5.

Better Behavior Predictions Through Better Behavior Testing

Anne Stephenson

Behavioral science is a popular topic for shopper researchers. However, too often the “real” behavioral aspect is missing from this science and the insights obtained do not always accurately predict in-market behavior. “In-situation” life-size testing is crucial for gauging how shoppers will actually behave, as it includes marketplace conditions that influence shopping behavior – such as shelf clutter, visibility, and access on shelf.

By combining this real shopping behavior with state-of-the-art science (eye tracking, facial coding, implicit testing), truly predictive and actionable insights are uncovered that will grow your business. This approach can be used for packaging, POSM, planograms, UX, e-commerce and media testing. Virtual reality is one exciting (and surprisingly cost-effective) new means of creating immersive life-size testing, which we will demonstrate. In this session, Explorer will show several examples of research outputs and the difference that real behavioral insights provide versus purely attitudinal or online only approaches.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand the importance of testing real behavior in order to accurately predict in-market behavior
  2. Appreciate the benefits of in-situation testing for packaging, POSM, planograms, UX, e-com and media testing
  3. Learn about different ways to test in-situation

Topic(s) Covered:

  • Emotional measurement (neuroscience/eye-tracking)
  • New techniques – qualitative and quantitative
  • Virtual/augmented reality

Join us at The Quirk’s Event and be sure to drop by kiosk O and say hello.

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