IIEX North America 2020

Explorer Research at IIEX Virtual 2020

Join Explorer at the virtual IIEX North America conference for insights into how to use 3D online virtual reality to accurately predict in-market behavior.

Wednesday, September 9th – Friday, September 11th 2020 

Register Now – https://events.greenbook.org/iiex-north-america/home

Presentation: Thursday, September 10th, 2020
2:00 pm EST

Agile Insights with 3D Online Virtual Reality

Agile insights are now the standard for Market Researchers. But with this speed, we also want to ensure we are achieving quality insights by measuring “real” behavior to accurately predict in-market behavior.

3D Online Virtual Reality uniquely provides this solution by providing immersive fully interactive online 3D environments which is crucial for gauging how shoppers will actually behave as it includes marketplace conditions that influence shopping behavior – such as shelf clutter, visibility and access on shelf. By combining this real behavior with the state-of-the art science (eye tracking, path tracking and all behavior metrics) actionable insights are uncovered that will grow your business.

This approach can be used for innovation, packaging, POSM, planograms, store of the future and section reinvention. The Explorer/Ready Set partnership marries the best in behavioral research and technology to provide the most realistic environments and behavioral measurement. This VR tool is also more than an insights only platform and can be used as a company collaboration tool – ideal for remote teams. Agility can be achieved in the development phase of innovation and execution with category management teams.  

In this session, Explorer and Ready Set will show several examples of research outputs and how VR can be used as a collaboration tool.

Attendees will:

•        Understand the importance of testing real behavior and the types of research outputs with 3D online VR

•        Appreciate the benefits of VR testing for innovation, packaging, POSM and planograms

•        Learn about how to use VR as a total company collaboration tool

Speaker: Anne Stephenson, Partner, Explorer Research

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