Explorer Research Introduces VR with Eye Tracking


Explorer Research is excited to introduce Virtual Reality (VR) combined with eye tracking. With the help of our talented 3D content developers, we can put our respondents into virtual worlds to get better insights. Since the majority of shoppers make their decisions in-store, it’s important that market research replicates the store setting as closely as possible. Explo [...] Read More

Nudging: How Behavioral Economics Applies to Marketing

Consumer Decision Making

At the core of behavioral economics is the idea that we are not always rational beings. Our decisions are driven by a range of factors beneath our subconscious (desires, habits, social norms) and these factors are consistent, predictable and can be understood. This principal can be used to influence consumer decision making. It’s often called “nudging” which involves a [...] Read More

Behavioral Science Insights for more Effective Signage Design


Most in-store signage is not read or noticed by shoppers. Our research shows that typically between 15-20% of signs are noticed. So how do we explain this  from a behavioral standpoint? The main reason is that shoppers often have a task based mindset and there is typically cognitive overload in the retail environment. Shoppers are not reading while they are shopping and o [...] Read More
How to optimize signage placement

How to Optimize Signage Placement


One area of in-store communication planning is overlooked more than any other. Not the message, nor the choice of media, but the placement of the communication message. An effective in-store sign should capture a shopper’s interest enough to be noticed; just like a great email subject line gets someone to open it, a great headline in a newspaper gets someone to read it or [...] Read More

Behavioral Insights from Eye-Tracking

Marketing Research Technology

To use eye-tracking effectively it’s important to understand its added-value and its limitations. Specifically, eye-tracking is very good at identifying:
  1. Visibility: in a crowded environment, do consumers even see and notice a package on shelf, a sign in store or link on a screen?
  2. Engagement: do these marketing ef [...] Read More

Behavioral Research: The Key to Developing Great Packaging


How to Leverage Behavioral Research for Package Design

Most of us default to buying brands that can be quickly seen and understood. We simply don’t have time to compare the options in a category. As a result, much of our decision making is being made by our subconscious minds and packaging is driving many of these decisions. The color, shape, design and logos of [...] Read More

The Power Of Packaging


Packaging Trends For 2017

Consumers are increasingly paying attention to package format and design. Whether they do it consciously or not, packaging will continue to play an ever increasing role in purchase decisions. Smart packaging that contributes to a positive brand experience is among the leading trends in 2017. Here are 5 ways we can see this happening: [...] Read More
When it comes to giving shoppers choice, less is more

Is More Choice At Shelf Always Better?

Consumer Decision Making

In a typical grocery store our research has found that in the top 20 categories, there are the following level of choices on average:
  • 200 product choices
  • 5 segment choices
  • 7 brand choices
  • 5 size choices
In other words, there is a sea of choice in these stores. In your average grocery store there are [...] Read More